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I am constantly evolving and I love being a Woman! In my 20's I didn't feel like a woman yet...I felt like a child playing dress up, I wasn't feeling it in my 30's either, I was to busy being Mom and Wife.....it wasn't until my 40's that I finally feel like I have arrived at womanhood. I am comfortable in my own skin and I am finally at peace with myself. ALL PHOTOGRAPHS AND POETRY ARE ORIGINAL(MINE) UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED AND ARE PROTECTED BY COPY RIGHT ON DAY OF ENTRY.... KMH

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I have many passions....I am a lover of life, I get inspiration everyday from my world around me. I enjoy even the simplest things in life.......a beautiful sky, my children's laughter, the dance of a butterfly and music! I love to share my window of the world through the lens of my camera. I try not to overlook the smallest of gifts that Mother Nature has provided for me. I keep my mind open because every moment is a learning experience and if you are still and very quiet, it will let itself be known to you. Sometimes you are the teacher of life's lessons and sometimes you are the student. Each day is a new beginning and has endless possibilities. So live well, and laugh often and more, my dear friends......love much!

Friday, November 18, 2005

This little piggy

These are probably going to be the last two gifts made from the hands of my last two babies.......in a way it brings a smile to my face because they are growing up and learning who they are supposed to be and then it saddens me just a little because the time that they need me, gets shorter and shorter with each passing day.

I spent yesterday afternoon at my oldest daughters home going over her upcoming July wedding, I bought tiny little silver frames which we are going to place a small black and white photo of her and her fiance's along with their wedding date as a wedding favor to her guests.

It seems like yesterday I was laughing at her attempts at learning to tie her own shoes and now here she is going to be 23 on Sunday and to be married this summer. With each passing year their hand made gifts are more and more precious to me and priceless in their worth.

Seeing each one of them succeed in each of their own special gifts brings such a feeling of joy to me..... My youngest child with his artistic nature, my youngest daughter who has the voice of an angel, my middle daughter with her gift of bringing laughter to other peoples life and my oldest with her quiet unassuming beauty.

These are the moments in life that remind me that I am a very blessed woman and I am thankful and at least for a very short time...........all is well with the world.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This photo was taken by a marsh near my home only last week, and when I was over there today, it already had a top layer of ice. I am still cold with the thought that winter is coming, we already had flurries yesterday and I awoke to just a light covering on the still green grass.

I dread the cold and gray of winter, it dulls my inner light as I start looking forward the green days of spring and the sun shining warm on my face. I am beginning the cocoon phase of my life again.

I used to like winter, I used to enjoy snow. I still try to get out at least once a week in the winter to mingle among the snow worshipers, plus last year's days spent ice fishing with family and friends kept warm and toasty with hot chocolate with a light lacing of peppermint schnapps! I'ts also kinda cool to have a bonfire right on the frozen lake! lol I'll try and remember to get at least a few shots of the parties held on the ice.

Even though the summer season is over at the lake, we still get together to ice skate, ice fish and then poker nights at the club house! It's always a slow withdrawal from our family and friends at the lake.

Mass Exodus from AOL JOURNALS

Ahhh..... the move to my journals new home is complete! I'm not sure if I am going to move any of my old posts from my AOL journal over here or not yet, I might just start fresh.

It took me a few days to work myself into this format, but I seem to be getting the hang of it ok, I still have to figure out how to post pictures and link the friends from my old journal in my "Other Journal" feature. I am hoping that this place has that option somewhere around here. I really liked the way those on my list thought and I enjoyed their journals very much!

Well, since I still have plenty of things to learn around here, I am off to eplore and click on new links! lol